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ROYAL CANADIAN Hawaii Lava Noni (300 caps)

ROYAL CANADIAN Hawaii Lava Noni (300 caps)

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  • Pain relieving capabilities,
  • Helps with blood pressure
  • Helps with cholesterol maintenance
  • Supports the immune system
  • Description

    ROYAL CANADIAN - Hawaii Lava Noni (300 Capsules) - NPN: 80100750Experience the miracle of Hawaiian Lava Noni!The Noni fruit is essentially a miracle fruit. With every one of its 165 beneficial compounds comes an improvement to the health of your body, and even your mind as it can even provide relaxation and an improved mood. The Lava Noni Capsule holds an immense amount of vitamins that contribute to its pain relieving capabilities, blood pressure and cholesterol maintenance, and the health of your immune system. It is important to take care of and nurture every part of your body, and the Hawaiian Noni fruit that has been recognized for generations as the miracle healing fruit it is.

    INGREDIENTSNoni Powder, Vitamin C
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