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NAKA Pro DigEnz (60 caps)

NAKA Pro DigEnz (60 caps)

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Naka Pro - DigGEnz - 60  Capsule(s) - NPN: 80067248
  •     Digestive aid to help decrease bloating after high caloric, high fat meals
  •     Helps in the digestive process.Source of Probiotics
  •     Helps support intestinal/gastrointestinal health
  •     Could promote a favorable gut flora 2 Billion CFU Per Capsule
Take control of your digestive health with Naka Pro DigEnz capsules for healthy digestion and gastrointestinal support. Digestive enzymes are extremely important for breaking down food into individual nutrients for absorption. Insufficient digestive enzyme production will reduce absorption of vitamins,  minerals and other nutrients from food. Proper digestion is key to optimal health,  and supplementing with a supreme combination of enzymes and probiotic, like Naka Pro DigEnz, will be a major factor in getting your health back on track.

1 Capsule 2 times per day. Take with or immediately before a meal/food. If you are on antibiotic(s) or antifungal(s), take at least 2-3 hours before or after.

Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you are pregnant or breast feeding, have diabetes, pancreatis, cistic fybrosis, gastrointestinal legions, are on antibiotics or anti-inflammatories, have any fruit allergies.
Do not use this product if you have an immune-compromised condition.
Contains no added gluten, nuts, eggs, fish or shellfish, soy, corn, wheat.

alpha-Amylase ... 150 mg
Betaine hydrochloride ... 113 mg
Bromelain ... 1 mg
Cellulase ... 4 mg
Fenugreek ... 24 mg
Ginger ... 24 mg
Invertase ... 200 FCC Sumner units
Lactase ... 2 mg
Lactobacillus acidophilus ... 2 billion cfu
Lipase ... 19 mg
Pancreatic enzymes ... 100 mg
Papain ... 55200 FCC papain units
Protease ... 50000 FCC hemoglobin units on the tyrosine basis
Protease ... 100 mg

Non Medicinal Ingredients
Hydroxypropyl MethylCellulose, Hydroxypropylcellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Methacrylic acid and ethyl acrylate copolymer, Microcrystalline cellulose,
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