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PURE LAB L-Theanine (125 mg - 60 chewable)

PURE LAB L-Theanine (125 mg - 60 chewable)

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  • Helps to temporarily promote relaxation
  • Can help increase focus during times of stress
  • Helps to calm racing thoughts
  • Doesn't cause drowsiness
  • Description

    Pure Lab Vitamins - L-Theanine - 60 Chewables - NPN: 80051029 -- L-Theanine was first discovered in 1949 as a unique amino acid found in Green Tea. It helps reduce nervousness and restlessness and promotes relaxation, without causing drowsiness. L-theanine has been found to be beneficial for those who suffer from stress and stress-induced anxiousness, and can help increase focus during times of stress.RELAX & UNWIND - Reduce the symptoms of chronic stress. Feel more relaxed and calm. L theanine can help balance your mood and help to keep a clear mind throughout the day, without causing drowsinessFOCUS BOOSTER - Tackle any demanding task by keeping your focus at optimal levels. The use of the amino acid L-Theanine has been proven to have a direct influence on cognitive abilities, making you feel less tired, thus helping you perform better in demanding situationsHEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM - Improve the function of the immune system, shielding the body from illness. Increasing the chance to remain healthy and strong during demanding periods where your body gets strained from the challenging daily tasks you need to complete. TAKES THE EDGE OFF - Our slow release capsules start delivering L-Theanine to body and brain within 20 minutes and maintain blood levels for 4 to 5 hours. Therefore reducing racing thoughts and keeping your consciousness and alertness at healthy levels while elevating your mood IMPROVED SLEEP - Increase the quality of your sleep by having more restful and longer sleeping sessions. Down regulating your overnight stress response. Leading to a relaxing experience and a normal circadian rhythm

    Medicinal Ingredients
    • L-Theanine125 mg
    Non-Medicinal Ingredients
    • Colloidal silicon dioxide
    • Dextrose
    • d-Sorbitol
    • Magnesium Bisglycinate
    • Magnesium Stearate
    • Microcrystalline cellulose
    • Sucralose
    • tangerine flavour
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